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Export control at universities

In terms of its participation in foreign trade, the University of Stuttgart undertakes to comply with foreign trade and export control legislation.

The University of Stuttgart enters into collaborative agreements with foreign universities for research and teaching purposes, whereby international research collaborations, business trips, the export of scientific equipment, the development of new technologies or collaborations with visiting scientists may be subject to export control restrictions. In order not to violate the applicable legislation, specific critical cases must be identified as such.

While the practice of science is free in principle, the legal requirements concerning export control also impose limits on researchers, particularly in relation to the transfer of valuable goods or expertise to foreign countries. This is particularly true of so-called dual-use technology, which can be used for both civilian and military purposes.

Individuals who violate export control regulations may be subject to heavy fines or even imprisonment, and universities may be liable to heavy fines, in addition to the corresponding loss of reputation.

Export control training

The University of Stuttgart provides its employees with training on export control legislation. The training courses sensitize the participants to the objectives and requirements of the legislation and identify potential solutions for the practical handling of export control regulations at universities. Employees can attend the training courses either at fixed dates with instructors or at any time as an ILIAS course.

Checklists for download

The documents can only be accessed from the university network.

Further information

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) has compiled detailed information about “Export control and science” on their website.


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Wolfram Ressel

Prof. Dr.

Export Manager of the University of Stuttgart

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Susan Völkel


Export Control Officer

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