Bei dem PAPELL Experiment handelt es sich um eine Pumpe ohne mechanisch bewegliche Teile, die als wartungsfreie Pumpe für Langzeitmissionen im All realisiert werden könnte.

Experiment by students takes off for the International Space Station

May 14, 2018, Nr. 43

Maintenance-free pump for long-term missions in space
[Picture: Foto: KSat]

Launch will be postponed!

The PAPELL student experiment from Stuttgart will not be able to launch on May 20th, 2018 due to NASA’s tightened security standards. An inspection injunction was issued all over the US because of various technical issues with Li-ion batteries in many products at the moment.   

As a consequence, additional checks of all used battery types for the PAPELL experiment are much-needed. The demanded tests are very time-consuming and will therefore not be finished for the latest loading date of the unmanned supply ship. Hence, the planned start event (see below), needs to be postponed.

The next possibility for transporting the experiment will be the cargo mission SpX15 from Cape Canaveral on June 28th, 2018.

The student team KSat (student small satellite group at the University of Stuttgart e.V.) and the Institute of Space Systems at the University of Stuttgart are inviting guests to the launch event for the PAPELL experiment. The rocket launch of the launcher on Wallops Island, USA is scheduled to take place on 20th May at 11.04 am (CEST) and can be observed together on the livestream. There will also be an exciting lecture program.

Start wird verschoben!

Aufgrund gestiegener Sicherheitsanforderung der NASA kann das PAPELL Experiment der Stuttgarter Studierenden nicht wie geplant am 20.05.2018 starten. Da es aktuell zahlreiche technische Probleme mit Li-Ionen Akkus in vielen Produkten gibt, ist eine US-weite Überprüfungsanordnung erlassen worden. Dies hat zur Folge, dass zusätzliche Überprüfungen der im PAPELL Experiment verbauten Batterietypen vorgenommen werden müssen. Da die geforderten Tests zeitintensiv sind, können diese nicht bis zum letzten Beladetermin des Versorgungssraumschiffs fertiggestellt werden. Das geplante Startevent (s.u.) muss deshalb leider verschoben werden.

Die nächste Gelegenheit für den Transport des Experiments ist die Versorgungsmission SpX-15 aus Cape Canaveral am 28. Juni 2018.

Time: Sunday, 20th May, from 9.30 am
Venue: Space Centre Baden-Württemberg, Media Library,Institute of Space Systems, Pfaffenwaldring 29, 70569 Stuttgart            

The PAPELL experiment was developed and designed by around 30 Stuttgart students from the KSat team over a period of a year. The experiment is a technology demonstrator for a pump without mechanically moveable parts that could be realised in space as a maintenance-free pump for long-term missions. The experiment will be presented and supported at the International Space Station by the German ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst.

The aim of the experiment is to show that the maintenance-free pump can be used to transport gas (air), liquid (ferrofluid) and solid materials (spheres). For this type of pump there are various application potentials for the flight to space, from fuel supply, to thermal control through cooling hot structures through contact with cooling liquids flowing past up to the operation of a low-noise ventilation system for manned spacecraft.

Representatives of the media and interested members of the public are cordially invited to attend the event.

Along with the livestream of the launch, the guests can expect lectures on the Institute of Space Systems, about the student small satellite group at the University of Stuttgart and further experiments on the manned space flight that is to be conducted soon in space.

Program 20.05.2018

Time                Countdown

9.30 am           t-94 min           Welcoming speech, PD Dr. Ing. Georg Herdrich

9.35 am           t-89 min           The Institute of Space Systems,PD Dr. Ing. Georg

9.35 am           t-74 min           Photo-bioreactor – Algae at the space station, Dr.-Ing.
                                                Gisela Detrell

10.10 am         t-54 min           The student small satellite group at the University of
                                                Stuttgart,Valentin Starlinger

10.30 am         t-34 min           PAPELL – a pump without mechanical parts,
                                                Dominik Starzmann, Jan-Erik Brune

10.50 am         t-14 min           Transition to OA livestream,PD Dr. Ing. Georg Herdrich

11.04 am         t-0 min              Launch, PD Dr. Ing. Georg Herdrich

12.00 noon      t+56 min          End of the event

Link to the Livestream

Expert Contact:

Manfred Ehresmann, project supervisor of PAPELL at the Institute of Space Systems, Tel. 0711/685-69599, Mail: ehresmann[at]

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